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Touring Europe Part One

I had the idea to take a look at the many changes that have occurred in Europe. It seems there are more countries than I thought of making up the European continent. There have been changes and when I took a look at the list of countries and their capitals I thought it would be a good idea to see how many European capitals you know. People once again are heading for Europe during vacations. The list of countries and capitals turned out to be so long that this will be a 3 part quiz with 15 countries each.

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    I am the capital of the Netherlands. I am known for my canal system and narrow houses. I am crisscrossed by bike paths. I have many art museums like the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum.

    • Amsterdam
    • Rotterdam
    • Maastricht
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    I am a small capital in the country of Andorra. Visitors enjoy shopping at my duty-free shops. My name is the same as the name of the country but what other words are attached to Andorra?

    • Andorra la Vella
    • Andorra la Zenta
    • Andorra la Matte
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    I am the cradle of modern civilization in the country of Greece. My history dates back at least 3400 years and I am one of the oldest major cities in the world.

    • Patras
    • Larissa
    • Athens
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    My country is Azerbaijan. Often my country and I am overlooked when people consider which European cities to visit. I am a modern capital with impressive skyscrapers and buildings.

    • Sheki
    • Ganja
    • Baku
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    I am the capital of Serbia and I am known for my lively nightlife.

    • Subotica
    • Belgrade
    • Novi Sad
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    I am one of the major capitals of Europe. You’ll find me in Germany. I offer tourists a great nightlife and much art.

    • Hamburg
    • Bremen
    • Berlin
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    I am the capital of lovely Switzerland and I am well-known for my Old Town along the river.

    • Zurich
    • Bern
    • Geneva
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    I am a capital that is not well-known and I am located in Moldova.

    • Balti
    • Tiraspol
    • Chisinau
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    I am the capital of Ukraine and I am known for my ancient churches.

    • Odessa
    • Kiev
    • Dnipro
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    I am the capital of Slovenia. Near me are the popular destinations of Lake Bled and the Slovenian Alps.

    • Ljubljana
    • Koper
    • Bled
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    I am one of the major European capitals and my home is Spain, I am famous for my grand architecture, boulevards and the most successful football team in the world,

    • Barcelona
    • Seville
    • Madrid
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    I am the lovely capital of Norway located by the sea. I am one of the largest cities in Scandinavia.

    • Bergen
    • Trondheim
    • Oslo
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    I am the capital of Iceland. I am a lively little city with many restaurants, bars, and shops, I am the major hub for tourism in my country.

    • Akureyri
    • Husavik
    • Reykjavik
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    I am located in the Czech Republic and I am one of the most historic of the European capitals. I am known for my impressive architecture, cheap beer, lovely restaurants, and lively nightlife.

    • Pilsen
    • Prague
    • Ostrava
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    I am the beautiful capital of Albania and known for the low cost of living and lively nightlife,

    • Tirana
    • Durres
    • Berat


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  1. Great quiz! I got the Swiss capital wrong – it’s one of those things I can never remember 🙂
    By the way, when I saw your picture of Andorra’s capital I knew it was wrong because there is no mosque there. That is in fact a picture of Mostar in Bosnia 😮

  2. Just a general question – as my mouse button is a bit faulty it either clicks twice or doesn’t at all. And the same happened. And I upvoted twice. But it reduced the point by 1. Two upvotes is 1 downvote?

    Great quiz by the way. And it definitely deserves a thumbs up!

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