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Touring Europe Part 2

Let’s go and visit some more European capitals. The first quiz showed me that you know quite a lot about Europe and its capitals. So off we go and hope you enjoy the tour and remember all you have to do is name the capital,

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    I am the capital of Slovakia. I have a wonderful old town with impressive architecture and among my highlights I Michael’s Gate.

    • Banska
    • Bratislava
    • Nitra
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    I am well-known for my tree-lined boulevards and Belle Epoque buildings, I have been given the nickname of “Little Paris” and I am in Romania.

    • Brasov
    • Sibiu
    • Bucharest
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    I am the capital and largest city of Denmark. I am a multi-cultural city with a long history.

    • Copenhagen
    • Aalborg
    • Odense
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    In the Republic of Ireland I have become a famous party capital mostly due to the area known as Temple Bar. I am home to many students.

    • Galway
    • Cork
    • Dublin
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    I am one of the largest cities in the Nordic region and I am regarded as one of the most liveable cities in the world. I am located in Finland.

    • Helsinki
    • Espoo
    • Turku
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    I am the very popular capital of the U.K. and have become one of the most visited cities in the world. I am known for my landmarks like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

    • Cambridge
    • London
    • Bristol
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    I am the capital of Belarus and known for my Soviet-style architecture

    • Brest
    • Grodno
    • Minsk
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    I am not one of the most visited European capitals, My home is Montenegro which was once part of Yugoslavia.

    • Podgorica
    • Budva
    • Kotor
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    I am the capital of Latvia and in 2014 I was one of the European Capitals of Culture, I am known for my Art Nouveau architecture and my Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

    • Valmiera
    • Riga
    • Jelgava
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    I am the most visited city in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    • Mostar
    • Tuzia
    • Sarajevo
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    I am the capital of Bulgaria and a city with a low cost of living as compared to other European capitals

    • Sofia
    • Plovdiv
    • Varna
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    I am one of the smallest European capitals. My country Liechtenstein is a German-speaking principality between Switzerland and Austria

    • Balzers
    • Vaduz
    • Triesten
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    I am the capital of Austria known for my Opera House and beautiful palaces

    • Saltzburg
    • Tirol
    • Vienna
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    Poland is my home and I am known for my impressive architecture and artsy metro stations.

    • Warsaw
    • Zakopane
    • Lodz
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    Croatia is my home. I am known for my famous Christmas Market and St. Mark’s Church. I am home to one of the best Croatian football teams

    • Split
    • Dubrovnik
    • Zagreb


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    • That was great, Kim. Glad you like the quiz, At my grade school, we had to learn all the capitals of all the state and recite them and I thought I would lose my little mind, Today I also don’t think I could remember them all but you have given me an idea so thank you,

    • Glad you enjoyed it Carol one last part coming up. Listen I asked Doc but he has not replied yet. Virily staff reminded me to generate the results of my quizzes and I am not sure what that means or what I should do when I finish with my quizzes. Do you know?

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