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Weird as it may seen to have a quiz like this, we need to put things into perspective before it is misconstrued.

The first day of October, 2017, the United States received its bloodiest shooting case in its modern history till date,  as at the time of this writing more than 59 persons have been confirmed to have died from that incident while another 527 persons are receiving treatments in various health facilities in Las Vegas where the incident took place. It was a 3day country music festival (who would have thought that in all the possible genre of music, this will be the one to invoke such casualties if we’re to do comparative study on all music genre) than turned outright bloody when a shooter got into position on a 32nd floor of a building and rained down bullets on country music lovers who had travelled far and near to enjoy themselves with their loved ones. More on this news and its latest update click here. 

In line with recent shootings in the United States, I decided to do a research on mass shooting cases in recent decades in USA. It interests me to know how many persons within or outside this forum have done such or know some of these cases.

So in its totality, this is to also raise awareness, to make people read a little more history on certain, if not every, areas of society of countries like the United States.

Let us do this, come right in.

  • Question of

    The mass shooting that ushered us into this millennium in the USA was famously called the…?

    • Wakefield Massacre.
    • Thurston High School shooting
    • Dallas nightclub shooting
  • Question of

    Fort Hood massacre that claimed 13 lives and injured 30 persons in 2009 was carried out by…?

    • Stephen Paddock
    • James Edward Pough
    • Nidal Malik Hasan
  • Question of

    Controversially, Adam Lanza became famous in 2012 for which of these mass shootings?

    • The IHOP shooting
    • Seattle cafe shooting
    • Newtown school shooting
  • Question of

    Sikh temple shooting carried out by U.S. Army veteran Wade Michael in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, happened when?

    • 7th May, 2012
    • 8th May, 2012
    • 9th May, 2012
  • Question of

    Omar Mateen, 29, who carried out the Orlando nightclub massacre in Orlando Florida, on December 6th 2016, killed how many people?

    • 49 fatalities
    • 48 fatalities
    • 39 fatalities
  • Question of

    The April 16, 2007 shooting on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, was carried out by?

    • Prof. Martins Phil
    • Dr. Jackson Grey
    • Seung-Hui Cho
  • Question of

    Steven Kazmierczak is famous for which of theses mass shootings?

    • Northern Illinois University shooting 2008
    • Lockheed Martin shooting, 2003
    • Northern Illinois University shooting, 2003
  • Question of

    Capitol Hill massacre was perpetrated by who and in what year?

    • Charles Carl Robert, 2006
    • Sulejman Telovic, 2007
    • Kyle Aaron Huff, 2006
  • Question of

    Jeffrey Weise perpetrated one of these massacres in 2005.

    • Damageplan show shooting
    • Goleta postal shootings
    • Red Lake massacre
  • Question of

    Damageplan show shooting by Nathan Gale killed how many of the groups band members?

    • 3
    • 2
    • 1
  • Question of

    The victims of Washington Navy Yard shooting were predominantly?

    • Men
    • Women
    • Children
  • Question of

    The total number of victims to mass shooting in 2015, in the U.S.

    • 50
    • 46
    • 53
  • Question of

    Which of these shooting was a hate shooting targeting a particular sexual orientation?

    • Orlando nightclub massacre
    • Isla Vista mass murder
    • Las Vegas Strip massacre


What do you think?

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    • I am sorry to hear that some were very difficult, because it means, it took the fun part out of the quiz, but it is good that way because the incidences the quiz talked is a serious menace.
      But all the same, you did well.

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