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Hello there! Thank you for clicking into this quiz. Our next stop in the “You Think You Know” quiz series is India.

Like previous quiz before this, our aim is to enjoy ourselves while being informed and educated.

You might be an avid and a voracious reader but you will be amazed by how much there is for you to learn before exiting this sphere. ?☺

Come right in and test your knowledge of the place, people and culture of India.

  • Question of

    India is located in what continent?

    • Asia
    • Australia
    • The Middle-East
  • Question of

    What is India’s population and where did that place it in the world by population?

    • 1.5 billion people and the third largest population in the world
    • 1.2 billion people and the second largest population in the world
    • 1.5 billion people and the second largest population in the world
  • Question of

    There are 1,652 languages and dialects in India alone.

    • Yes
    • No
    • I am not sure.
  • Question of

    The political capital city of India is?

    • Bombay
    • New Delhi
    • Mumbai
  • Question of

    The most popular sport in India is?

    • Football
    • Baaketball
    • Cricket
  • Question of

    Who was India’s colonial master?

    • The British
    • The Dutch
    • The Spanish
  • Question of

    Which is iconic to India?

    • Taj Mahal
    • Burj Khalifa
    • Mohatta Palace
  • Question of

    The name commonly called the land comprising of modern day India and part of Pakistan by explorers of the 20th century was?

    • The Middle East
    • The Far East
    • The Near East
  • Question of

    The nation of India is the cradle of the follow religions except?

    • Hinduism
    • Shintoism
    • Buddhism
  • Question of

    India is the most populous democracy in the world?

    • Yes
    • No
    • It is the United State
  • Question of

    India’s currency is?

    • Indian Dollar
    • Rupee
    • Indian Shillings
  • Question of

    India’s famous movie industry is known as?

    • Nollywood
    • Indiwood
    • Bollywood


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      • It was the Near/Middle/Far East question. To me the Far East means China and SouthEast Asia, not South Asia. The Middle East generally means Iran, Iraq, etc, but if you are going to use all three divisions – which is not usually done – then South Asia would be Middle and not Far! I am reminded of the comment by the former US Vice-President Dan Quayle that the strategic value of the Middle East was that it kept the Near East and Far East from bumping into each other!

        • In the broader categorisation, Indian been part of the South-East Asia was also placed under the Far East. The British Empire got their spices from India in from about the 15th century, and that was the name sailors and explorers call India. Also you’ll agree with me that it was the search for an alternative sea route to India, to bye cut the middlemen, that lead to the discovery of the Americas.
          But thank for you the added information Sir. You’ve given more insight to the discuss.

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