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"These boots are made for walking" – a quiz

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Who can forget Nancy Sinatra’s song “These boots are making for walking

I have posted her link.  Just enjoy. 

Coming to my post I have created a quiz on boots. You just need to name them. 

Good Luck and a Bright and Happy New Year

  • Question of

    What is the name of this shoe?

    • Walnut toe pumps
    • Almond toe pumps
    • Nut toe pumps
  • Question of

    Here’s another. What is it known as?

    • Durable boots
    • Work boots
    • Laced boots
  • Question of

    I know it has an odd name What is it?

    • Hug boots
    • Ugg boots
    • Warm boots
  • Question of

    Just another simple boots Know its name?

    • Rugged boots
    • Laced boots
    • Rough boots
  • Question of

    These boots have a State or country name. Which one?

    • Auckland Boots
    • Wellington Boots
    • Rotorua boots
  • Question of

    They are used during fighting

    • War boots
    • Sparring Boots
    • Combat boots
  • Question of

    Strange but an interesting name

    • Grassland Boots
    • Fairy land Boots
    • Timberland
  • Question of

    Sounds like the name of a drug

    • Asprene Boots
    • Krosene Boots
    • Neoprene Boots


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