Thermodynamics: Physics

In this quiz we will check the knowledge of basic thermodynamic concepts from physics. We’ll check how much you know the terms like heat, temperature, pressure. All of these concepts are every day around us so I hope you will recognize them in your daily life. I hope this will not be difficult for you. Good luck to the quiz and enjoy it.

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    We designate the heat with the label

    • Q
    • t
    • T
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    We designate the pressure with the label

    • p
    • P
  • Question of

    Temperature and heat are the same terms.

    • True
    • False
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    Heat is equal to

    • sum of internal energy
    • difference of internal energy
  • Question of

    Cold can enter a warmer room.

    • True
    • False
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    If you want to reduce body’s internal energy, you need it

    • cool down
    • heat up
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    The basic unit for temperature is

    • fahrenheit
    • kelvin
    • celsius
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    1000 pascals is equal to

    • 1 MPa
    • 1 kPa
    • 1 mPa


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