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The Wonder Years

This is a short quiz about my favorite sitcom from the late eighties. Check it out and let me know about your result.

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    What decades does this situation comedy take place?

    • The late 60’s and early 70’s
    • The early 30’s and early 40’s
    • The early 40’s and early 50’s
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    What was the name of the Junior High School?

    • McKinley High School
    • Robert F. Kenney Junior High School
    • Sherlock Holmes School
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    What was the name of Kevin’s family?

    • The Bunkers
    • The Arnolds
    • The Simpsons
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    Who was Kevin’s best friend?

    • Paul
    • Winnie
    • Wayne
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    What did Kevin’s father do for a living?

    • Fireman
    • Manager at Norcom
    • father
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    What did Kevin’s mother do for a living?

    • student
    • homemaker
    • secretary
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    In junior high school what course gave Kevin the hardest time?

    • English
    • Science
    • Math
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    What was Kevin’s 7th grade English teachers name?

    • Miss White
    • Mr. Cantwell
    • Mr. Corey


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