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The US Dollar rides the crest and rules the roost. Let’s see how it compares with other currencies.

More than 20 countries have their currencies named ‘dollar’ There is an interesting story behind this   For more on this you can visit

The dollars of other countries have a lower value compared to the US dollar.

The quiz however is about a few currencies not necessarily having the dollar sign and what their US dollar exchange rate is  The exchange rate fluctuates and so these are approximate rates.

Paper currency is slowly disappearing but when one travels and credit or debit cards are not recognised paper currency comes in handy

  • Question of

    Not a nice experience when there was demonrtisation What is Indian rupee to a dollar? n. Have not

    • 72
    • 68
    • 60
  • Question of

    The ever active Japanese Yen. How does it compare to the US Dollar?

    • 120
    • 115
    • 108
  • Question of

    The ever young queen rules the roost here. The British Pound does have clout

    • 1.0
    • 0.90
    • 0.82
  • Question of

    The ever powerful Bahrain Dinar

    • 0.37
    • No
    • 1.50
  • Question of

    Philipino peso for those who tolerate unkind nature

    • 42
    • 60
    • 50
  • Question of

    Hongkong was lately in the news for wrong reasons. How does the Hongkong dollar fair?

    • 6.0
    • 7.82
    • 11.0
  • Question of

    I had an opportunity to spend Canadian dollars

    • 1.25
    • 1.60
    • 1.31
  • Question of

    New zealander Dollar does not sound right. Never mind

    • 2.0
    • 1.51
    • 2,2


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