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The nuclear weapons – how well do you know it?

The recent tensions between India and Pakistan may lead to a miscalculation, which possibly causes a nuclear warface. No one expect that will happen in the future. We’re all aware of the terrible outcomes of mass destruction resulted from nuclear weapons. For example, nuclear winter, widespread famine, social collapse and so forth. Once again I must say we all desire for peace. We never anticipate a total war between two nuclear countries (Pakistan and India) will occur. If that happens, it will be a man-made disaster for humankind. Moreover, I would like that we will find out more about this super weapon so that we can learn how to minimize the amount as well as carry out the process of denuclearization for the whole world. Let’s give answers to the quizzes below. Most important of all, we must remind that a nuclear war will exterminate us all.

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    How many nuclear countries in the modern world?

    • 8
    • 9
    • 10
    • 11
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    There is one country which is the first victim of nuclear weapon until now. Which one?

    • Russia
    • The USA
    • Japan
    • China
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    A nuclear war could have occurred between two socialist countries. Which ones?

    • China and Vietnam
    • Soviet Union and China
    • Cuba and China
    • East Germany and Soviet Union
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    On 25 January, 1995 a man-made incident could have triggered a nuclear strike between Russia and the USA. Which one?

    • Cuban Missile Crisis
    • Black Brant scare
    • Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    • Able Archer
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    Which two countries are owning nuclear briefcases?

    • North Korea and China
    • The UK and France
    • The USA and Russia
    • Pakistan and India
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    What is the name of the most powerful nuclear weapon ever created?

    • Castle Bravo
    • Tsar Bomba
    • Little Boy
    • Operation Ivy
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    The amount of nuclear weapons owned by two these countries makes up 90% of the world’s nuclear weapons. Which ones?

    • China and Israel
    • North Korea and France
    • The UK and Pakistan
    • The USA and Russia
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    Israel could has carried out a nuclear strike against the Arab League in which war?

    • Six-day War
    • Yom Kippur War
    • 1982 Lebanon War
    • War of Attrition


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