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The most beautiful Stockholm fountains: a quiz

All these fountains are one of the best remedies for summer heat! Also they can lighten your mood. You should only stop for a moment and look at their sparkling water flows! Play this fun quiz and discover more about the most beautiful fountains that leave the visitors blown away.

  • Question of

    The fountain of Johan Peter Molin (Kungsträdgården, Stockholm) is crowned by:

    • a dome 30 metres wide
    • a flower
    • a mermaid
    • a branch
  • Question of

    It is decorated with:

    • flowers
    • garlands
    • ocean mythological characters
    • lights
  • Question of

    The fountain jets

    • fall down
    • directed upward
  • Question of

    The Orpheus group fountain is devoted to:

    • fine art
    • music
    • poetry
    • theatre
  • Question of

    The main sculpture (the man raising his hands to the sky) has the features of

    • Mozart
    • Grieg
    • Beethoven
    • Liszt
  • Question of

    The _______________________________ fountain with a monument above it is located on Sergels torg square.

    • superellipse-shaped
    • triangle-shaped
    • oval-shaped
    • rectangle-shaped
  • Question of

    People celebrate every major victory by a Swedish_____________________ in it.

    • sports team
    • representatives at the Eurovision Song Contest
  • Question of

    All the above-mentioned fountains are situated

    • in the centre of Stockholm
    • in the suburbs of Stockholm
    • in the North of Stockholm Municipality
    • in the South of Stockholm Municipality
  • Question of

    You can see the fountain at Karlaplan if you visit:

    • Södermalm
    • Östermalm
    • Kungsholmen
    • Strömsborg


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