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The Latest in FASHION! Where are these 10 Virilians?

I have taken 10 random photos in my album and hid these fabulous Virilian’s names in them. 

I used the font, “Berlin Sans FB”, the same font that is in the cover for all ten. All you have to do is pick the multiple choice answers I have given for each hidden name. 

Sound easy? Get your magnifying glasses out!! 😉

Good luck and have fun! 

Make sure to go check these  Virilians posts out when you are done! 

  • Question of

    Going alphabetically down the line, the first name that shows up is AngelaJohn’s name. What color is her name in?

    • In white
    • In grey
    • In green
    • In pink
  • Question of

    Where is BestFeeds name hidden?

    • On the green cat playpen.
    • On the Black cat on the left.
    • The middle black cat.
    • The tan cat.
    • The black cat on the right.
  • Question of

    Fifi Leigh’s name is on the ______.

    • Top
    • Middle
    • Bottom
  • Question of

    I hid Ghostwriter’s name _________.

    • On the left.
    • In the middle
    • On the right.
  • Question of

    Where did I hide Kathrin David’s name?

    • The top flower
    • The lower flower
    • In the back round
    • In the foreground
  • Question of

    Where is LaJenna’s name hidden?

    • In the bars
    • In the plant
    • On the dog
    • On the walkway
  • Question of

    What color font did I use for Mikes name?

    • Blue or Green
    • Yellow or Orange
    • Orange or Pink
    • Black or White
  • Question of

    Where is Rex Truloves name?

    • Bottom Right
    • Dead Center
    • Top Left
  • Question of

    Did I even hide SuncicaZ’s name here?

    • Yes, on the Bougainvillea.
    • Yes, on the white wall.
    • Yes, on the gates hinge.
    • Yes, on the wooden part of the gate.
  • Question of

    I hid Thomas Gouard’s name ___________.

    • On the butterfly!
    • On the feather, there is no butterfly!
    • On Kim’s finger at the bottom.
    • In the back round sky!!!


What do you think?


Written by Kim_Johnson

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