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The Latest in Art! Who are these Virilians?

The ART category! 

I finally made it to the art category on Virily’s Category List! I love art and the artists that share their world with us here on Virily. 

The last ten members to post in the ART category are listed below. This information was taken on the 16th. 

I have hidden each of these 10 member”s names in some random photos of art around town, and my art. From photos, to sketches, have fun finding these hidden names. 

Go show some love to these Virilians! 

  • Question of

    Listed alphabetically the first name is Albert Herdianto Widjojo, where is his name hidden?

    • On the bottom berry plant.
    • On the cat’s tail!
    • On the cat’s head!
    • In the sky?
  • Question of

    I made this poster for a anti oil pipeline that crossed a major river going through sacred land of the natives. The name I have hidden here is Alex Ledante, his name is hidden in the ______!

    • In the sky.
    • In the blue of the river.
    • In the oil leaking in the river.
    • In the snakes…
  • Question of

    Alibb recently shared one of his excellent drawings. I picked the most recent of mine for this hidden name…Where is this one?

    • In the sky.
    • On the red dog.
    • On the black dog.
    • On the green grass.
  • Question of

    Bradley Tremmil’s name is hidden in this photo art I made. Which square is his name hidden in?

    • On the one with the ear.
    • On the blank grey one.
    • On the cat’s left eye.
    • On the cat’s right eye.
  • Question of

    Fifi Leigh’s name is hidden in this photo art edit of Meika! What color font is her name in?

    • yellow
    • brown
    • white
    • green
  • Question of

    This is just a cartoon I drew for T-day! Francisco Pellicer Viri’s name is hidden ______.

    • On the fingers/feathers.
    • On the head.
    • Under the beak.
    • On the feet!
  • Question of

    Glower4’s name is hidden in the ____________!

    • Sky
    • The round sphere.
    • The tree!
    • The ribbon.
  • Question of

    Where is Jess Buttery’s name hidden in the photo edit?

    • In the back round.
    • On the dog’s right leg.
    • On the dog’s left leg.
    • On the dog’s head.
  • Question of

    Johndavisnearby’s name is hidden __________.

    • Top
    • Middle
    • Bottom
    • On the wave.
  • Question of

    MommyofEli2013’s name is hidden ____.

    • On that orange and yellow car.
    • On the pink car.
    • On the building.
    • On the road.


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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