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The Jamaican Slang Game

Jamaican slang came about when slaves from Africa wanted to speak without their slave owners knowing what they were saying so they used Patios. 

Pronounced (ˈpa-ˌtwäz) 

Patios is a combination of English based Creole and West African languages.

Do you know Jamaican slang? 

I will make this easier and put the words into sentences. 

Good luck and Have FUN! 

  • Question /

    I have felt IRIE many times. Pick the meaning of Irie.

    • Sad/Blue
    • Good/Alright
    • Naughty/Bad
    • High on Marijuana
  • Question /

    What was that “G Yal” doing in there? What does G Yal mean?

    • Sea Gull
    • Useless Person
    • Girl
    • Baby
  • Question /

    Doc Andersen needs a BIG UP. What does Big Up mean?

    • Lifeguard
    • Big MAC hamburger
    • RESPECT for his help with Virily.
  • Question /

    Who is your BOONOONOONOOS? What does Boonoonoonoos mean?

    • Mother
    • Father
    • Enemy
    • Sweet Heart
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    What does the phrase, “Small up yourself” mean? Used in a sentence: We can give you a ride if you small up yourself.

    • Small up yourself means to pay for gas.
    • Small up yourself means to give thanks for a good deed.
    • Small up yourself means to make room.
    • Small up yourself means to ride in the back.
  • Question /

    Indexer made a witty observation about this question on the American slang use of this word on my last quiz, and it means the same thing as it does in the US. “SICK” Here it is used in a sentence: I am feeling sick at the moment.

    • Sick means feeling sea sick.
    • Sick means awesome.
    • Sick means see you soon.
    • Sick means Die.
  • Question /

    Wasteman. He is a “wasteman”.

    • A useless man.
    • A person that works for the waste and sanitation department.
    • A fisherman.
    • A dead man.
  • Question /

    Fluffy. He is very “fluffy”.

    • Plump/fat
    • Wise
    • Pompous
    • Sun burned
  • Question /

    DROPOUT. All of “us drop out” eventually.

    • Go to sleep.
    • Die
    • Quit
    • Eat
  • Question /

    If a Jamaican told you to “Do yu ting”. What would you do?

    • Run and hide!
    • Find a place to relieve myself and ask for the nearest Bathroom. Restroom. Loo. Toilet.
    • I would do what I liked.
    • Find a place to get out of the rain.


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. Patwa is a mix of English and Asanti words, You’re translations aren’t right… if I say ‘me sick’ It means I’m sick. Also, a lot of terms change over time. ‘pick up corn’ meant get shot. ‘have a dog’ meant have a gun.

      • We have a lot of Asante words; dukano, (don’t know if I spelled it right, since patwa is an oral language, which is a cornmeal cake rapped in a banana leaf,) yaaba, a big pot, fenky-fenky, a person who goes on like they’re better than others…etc.

        There are a lot of terms; like during the World Cup of 2018 I called Neymar a Butterkrotches.

        We use ‘irie’ as a greeting as well… like if you called to me I’d say; “Irie” We don’t say G yal we say gal.

        We don’t use bonnoonos anymore… the last was a hotel which used it to mean great or special.

        We don’t use sick beyond sick.

        We would say drop off, not drop out

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