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The Eyes Have It

This is the next quiz and all of the songs are about eyes.

  • Question of

    The Doors sang about the sun in

    • The Eye Of the Sun
    • Sun Eyes
    • Eyes and Sun
  • Question of

    The Eagles sang about eyes that didn’t tell the truth

    • Eyes Lie
    • Lyin’ Eyes
    • Lies
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    The Platters sang about something that made misty eyes

    • Smoky Eyes
    • Eyes Filled With Smoke
    • Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
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    Abba had a hit with this song

    • Angel Eyes
    • Angelic Eyes
    • Loving Eyes
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    Elvis sang about these kinds of eyes

    • Russian Eyes
    • Spanish Eyes
    • Mexican Eyes
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    Willie Nelson sang about crying eyes

    • Eyes That Cry
    • Crying Blue Eyes
    • Blue EyesCryingIntheRain
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    Blue Oyster Cult offered hot eyes

    • Eyes On Fire
    • Fire Eyes
    • Hot Eyes
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    Frankie Valli sang about love and eyes

    • Adoring Eyes
    • My Eyes Adored You
    • Eyes Of Love
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    Peter Frampton had a hit with this eye song

    • Apples and Eyes
    • Apple Of Your Eye
    • Apple Eyes
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    Cypress Hill had a very unusual song Looking Through The

    • Eyes of Swine
    • Swine Eyes
    • Eyes Of A Pig


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