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The Cutest Animals

Endangered Golden lion tamarins, Leontopithecus rosalia, at the Lincoln Children's Zoo.

I have done quizzes about both ugly plants and animals. I thought it was time to do cute. So have fun with this quiz. Look at the adorable creature and decide what its correct name is.

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    This one has a soft red fur coat. It has adorable fluffy ears and a bushy tail. It is not a large animal and most grow only to the size of a domestic house cat. These cuties can be found in the mountainous forests of Nepal, Burma, and central China. They spend the majority of their time in trees.

    • Rosy Panda
    • Red Panda
    • Rusty Panda
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    This one has a fluffy coat that makes it look so adorable. Its coat is both warm and water repellant helping its body temperature to stay up even in the coldest waters. It spends that majority of its time in the water and lay on its back to eat and sleep.

    • Sea Otter
    • Swimming Otter
    • Water Otter
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    This animal has a lovely white coat and is capable of withstanding very harsh conditions. It can survive temps up to a low – 50 degrees during the winter. In order to survive it digs into the snow.

    • Ice Fox
    • Winter Fox
    • Arctic Fox
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    This animal looks like a cross between a leopard and a house cat. It is one of the smallest wild cats in the world. It is solitary and nocturnal hunting for prey in the night. Its home is southern Africa.

    • Spotted Wildcat
    • Black-Footed Wildcat
    • Mountain Wildcat
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    This adorable monkey has a white beard and moustache with a pink nose and grey fur. It is one of the smallest monkeys on the planet not much bigger than a squirrel. Its home is in the trees of the Amazon rain forest in Brazil, Peru, and Bolivia.

    • Bearded Tamarin Monkey
    • Hairy Tamarin Monkey
    • Mustachio Tamarin Monkey
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    Another cute animal with red fur. It makes its home in Great Britain. They are smaller than their grey furred cousins. Identified by its thick red coat, bushy tail, and fluffy ears.

    • Red-Haired Squirrel
    • Rusty Colored Squirrel
    • Red Squirrel
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    This animal has a large pudgy body and a soft furry coat. It makes its home in Australia and is a nocturnal animal. It is part of the marsupial family and carries its babies in a pouch

    • Wombat
    • Womby
    • Batwomb
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    This lovely big cat some from the rain forests of Indonesia and the foothills of the Himalayas. It was named for its spotted coat. It has over-sized paws and short legs. It is great at climbing and hanging upside down from trees branches.

    • Spotted Leopard
    • Clouded Leopard
    • Hunting Leopard
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    Look at this cutie. It has big eyes and dainty whiskers. A lovely fluffy coat to keep warm. Its home is the Arctic and North Atlantic Oceans. It spends the majority of time in the water and can submerge for 15 minutes without coming up for air.

    • Harpy Sea
    • Furry Seal
    • Harp Seal
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    Not everyone loves this creature but it sure is cute. It is the cutest of its kind with a tiny body and adorable big eyes, ears, and feet. It was named because it feeds on seeds and berries in hedgerows and fields. They have to be aware of many predators.

    • Field Mouse
    • Meadow Mouse
    • Grass Mouse
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    This one is a real cutie with its huge ears, large eyes, and small nose. It can be found in the Sahara Desert and other parts of northern Africa. It is the smallest of its kind in the world. Its ears help to control the body from heat and keep coll in the hot desert sun.

    • Desert Fox
    • Fennec Fox
    • Sand Fox
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    This animals comes from the forests of Southeast Asia and is known for its huge bright eyes. When seeing a predator it freezes and covers its face with its hands. Even though it’s cute it has a toxic bite to warn off any predators who get too close.

    • Tropical Rodent
    • Jungle Rodent
    • Loris
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    Another adorable cutie and this one can fly. It has wide eyes and cute features. It is only found in the wild in Finland, Estonia, and Latvia. Their name comes from the flaps of skin underneath their arms and legs so they can glide from tree to tree.

    • Siberian Flying Squirrel
    • Gliding Squirrel
    • Leaping Squirrel
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    This is a cute rabbit-like creature that was found in China in 1983. It lives in the mountainous regions of Northwest China.

    • Pika Puka
    • lli Pika
    • Pika


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