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The Beatles’ Songs

The Beatles or The Fab Four are known by their first and last names. So here I will refer to them as Paul, John, George, and Ringo. It seems amazing how time has slipped away and that only two Beatles are still alive today. Let’s see what you know about them and their songs.

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    This song has a majority of words that are only one-syllable and the word love shows up 21 times in the lyrics.

    • P.S. I Love You
    • Love Me Do
    • Please Please Me
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    This song was the first one to become number one on the pop charts in America

    • I Want to Hold Your Hand
    • Twist and Shout
    • Baby It’s You
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    John was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the sudden fame and he felt he needed someone to help him cope. That was the reason for this song.

    • Ask Me Why
    • Do You Want to Know a Secret
    • Help
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    Paul had a song in his mind for about a month. He has the melody and he didn’t want to forget it. So he went about singing the tune and using the words “scrambled eggs, oh you’ve got such lovely legs,” until he could begin writing the song with the correct opening line

    • Yesterday
    • In My Life
    • Penny Lane
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    The lyrics to this song about a woman included a clergyman named Father McKenzie. Paul simply chose this name from a phone book

    • Lady Madonna
    • Michelle
    • Eleanor Rigby
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    The inspiration from this song came to John from his love of the classics “Alice in Wonderland” and “Though the Looking Glass”. This is why the lyrics seem so strange

    • Come Together
    • Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
    • Hello Goodbye
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    John three songs which all did not seem to end. He could not finish them and wasn’t sure how to use them. So in this case he just put them all together and it became this song.

    • Yellow Submarine
    • Come Together
    • I Am the Walrus
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    This Beatle’s song was the most successful ever selling over 5 million copies just in the first year alone.

    • Hey, Jude
    • Let It Be
    • Strawberry Fields Forever
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    This was song was written when Paul felt at his lowest during the time when The Beatles were going through their breakup and it all seemed to be falling apart

    • A Day in the Life
    • The Long and Winding Road
    • Let It Be
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    Another Beatle George was affected by the breakup. He took his peace by walking out in a garden and came up with this song

    • Here Comes the Sun
    • In My Life
    • All You Need is Love
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    Finally which Beatles was inspired to write the song Octopus’s Garden by learning something about octopuses while on a family vacation

    • Paul
    • George
    • Ringo
    • John


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