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The American Slang Game

These slang words can mean several different things. Can you pick the correct answer? 

How much do you know about American slang words and phrases? 

Look inside to find out! 

Have fun and good luck! 

  • Question of

    BUCK: Pick the phrase that does NOT fit.

    • A male Deer.
    • To be forced into marriage.
    • A dollar bill.
    • What a horse does to throw a rider off it’s back.
  • Question of

    AMPED means __________ in American Slang.

    • Amperage
    • Morning Person
    • Excited
    • Running shoes
  • Question of

    If someone were to say this is, “For the birds”. What would they mean?

    • Something trivial or meaningless.
    • To feed the birds.
    • To fly!
    • Hello or Good day!
  • Question of

    What about, “Put up your DUKES”?

    • Put your clothes away.
    • Put up your fists and get ready for a fight.
    • Don’t talk back.
    • Do not air your dirty laundry.
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    What does, “Ride shotgun”, mean in American slang?

    • Riding in a car with a concealed weapon.
    • Having a firearm that shoots small pellets, also a scatter gun.
    • Driving a car.
    • Being a passenger in the front seat of a car.
  • Question of

    Shotgun Wedding?

    • An early 1900’s themed wedding.
    • A forced wedding using a shotgun to force a couple to marry.
    • A buggy and carriage wedding with an old southern theme.
    • A failed marriage.
  • Question of

    What does SICK mean in American slang?

    • Feeling not so well.
    • Awesome
    • Terrible
    • Feeling very blue and down.
  • Question of


    • Sensitive
    • A sugary taste.
    • Bad or Foul odor.
    • Good
  • Question of

    John Hancock?

    • A Spanish explorer.
    • A Native American.
    • Signature
    • Forced wedding.
  • Question of

    Last one…

    • Shoes
    • Foot ball
    • Soccer
    • Field Goal


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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