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Test your FOOD knowledge! (random quiz)

Try and answer these tricky questions and find out your knowledge of FOOD!

  • Question of

    Humans are born craving?

    • chocolate
    • salt
    • sugar
  • Question of

    How many hamburgers does McDonald’s sell every second of every day?

    • 75
    • 90
    • 69
  • Question of

    Coconut water can be used as:

    • an antiseptic
    • liquid bandage
    • blood plasma
  • Question of

    Chocolate was once used as:

    • currency
    • petrol for cars
    • medicine for patients
  • Question of

    Taking large doses of this spice works as a hallucinogenic (much like LSD)

    • garlic
    • cinnamon
    • nutmeg
  • Question of

    The popsicle was invented in 1905 by whom?

    • woman in her 80’s
    • an 11 year old
    • scientist
  • Question of

    The most popular carrots used to be:

    • yellow
    • purple
    • brown
  • Question of

    What food item can last 3,000 years and never rot?

    • honey
    • coffee
    • popcorn
  • Question of

    What food is the most stolen in the world?

    • chocolate truffles
    • cheese
    • wine
  • Question of

    Jars of Nutella sold in one year could cover the Great Wall of China….

    • 10 times
    • 8 times
    • 7 times


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