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Symbolic figures in art

In figurative art religious and mythological subjects were represented by specific features during middle age.These figures were easy to decribe, they were used to teach the Bible to illiterate people in the past through paintings and frescoes.

Now it’s difficult to understand them without studying all the symbols, will you be able to get these ones?

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    Iconology is?

    • a method of interpretation in cultural history or history of art
    • a branch of art history that classifies images
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    The cardinal virtues are?

    • Faith, Hope and Charity
    • Prudence, Justice, Courage and Temperance
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    The symbolic meaning of number 3 is?

    • spiritual and magical number
    • Number of the earth and mankind
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    The evangelist Luke is represented with or as?

    • an ox
    • an eagle
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    In Christian religion, fish is the symbol of what?

    • Evil creatures
    • Jesus
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    In middle age, zodiac signs were associated to?

    • Man work through months
    • angels work in the sky
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    In many cultures number 7 is considered as?

    • Number of disgrace
    • Number of entirety
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    Archangel Michael is alwais dressed with?

    • An armor
    • A tunic


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