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Songs of the 1960s

Take this fun quiz and see how many popular songs you remember from the 1960s and see the bands that made them popular. 

The 1960s were all about love, peace, and flower power. It was an amazing time and let’s see if you can remember the great songs and the super bands.

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    The Monkees had a hit with a song about a day of the week

    • Saturday BBQ
    • Pleasant Valley Sunday
    • Sunday Mornings
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    Everybody who listened to their song made Blood Sweat & Tears feel great

    • Happy Day
    • Be Happy
    • You’veMadeMeSoVeryHappy
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    The Fifth Dimension wanted to take a different kind of flight

    • Up Up and Away
    • Flying High
    • Balloons Fly
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    Steppenwolf sang about coming into this world

    • Crazy World
    • Born to Be Wild
    • Wild One
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    Strawberry Alarm Clock sang about scents and tastes

    • Scent of Incense
    • Scents
    • Incense and Peppermint
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    Marmalade looked back on their lives

    • Reflections of My Life
    • Life Gone By
    • Remembering
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    Scott McKenzie sang about this city that many people wanted to visit in the 1960s

    • Monterey
    • San Francisco
    • Malibu
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    The Byrds sang about this kind of man

    • Mr. Tambourine Man
    • Guitar Man
    • Blow My Horn
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    Norman Greenbaum had a hit with something in the sky

    • Mixed Clouds
    • Spirit In the Sky
    • Sky Spirits
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    Barry McGuire had a different thoughts about life

    • Eve of Destruction
    • Destroy All
    • Destruction Day


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