Solar System Quiz

How much do you know about the solar system we live in? Do you know how many moons there are? How much do you know about the planets?

Earth is our home, but there are a lot of fun and amazing facts about our neighbors Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus that you could learn.

Here is a fun quiz about the solar system, for all you science fans.


  • What is the biggest object in the asteroid belt?

    • Rhea
    • Ceres
  • Titan is a moon of …

    • Jupiter
    • Saturn
  • What is the closest planet to the sun?

    • Mercury
    • Venus
  • How far away is the sun?

    • 93 million miles
    • 93 million km
  • Which planet has the most moons?

    • Saturn
    • Jupiter
  • Which is the closest planet to Earth?

    • Mars
    • Venus
  • How many moons are in the solar system?

    • 153
    • 173
  • How many Gas Giants are in the solar system?

    • 4
    • 5

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