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Sing the Songs of the 1980s

Onto the other years of great songs. There will be one more quiz about the 1990s and then the music of the 2000s sort of lost me but I might go back a bit the other way and you can have fun with songs from the 1950s. I will see about that. Meanwhile, have fun with this quiz and enjoy it. 

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    Bill Medley have us the song that became popular in the movie “Dirty Dancing”

    • Dirty Dancing Medley
    • (I’veHad)theTimeofMyLife
    • Always Dancing
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    Culture Club and Boy George kept changing colors

    • Karma Chameleon
    • Changing Colors
    • Colors
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    Kim Carnes sang about a popular actress’s beautiful eyes

    • Bette’s Eyes
    • Soulful Eyes
    • Bette Davis Eyes
  • Question of

    Tina Turner was asking if love was worth it

    • What’sLoveGottoDo
    • With It
    • Love Spin
    • No Love
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    The Bangles had a great hit with this unusual song

    • Pyramid Song
    • WalkLikeAnEgyptian
    • Egyptian Dance
  • Question of

    Cyndi Lauper had a hit with this song

    • Ticking Clock
    • Timepiece
    • Time After Time
  • Question of

    Bruce Springsteen wanted us to dance this way

    • Dancing In the Dark
    • Night Dancing
    • Darkness
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    Survivor sang about this animal’s eyes

    • Tiger Eyes
    • Eye of the Tiger
    • Look Tiger
  • Question of

    Queen had a hit song about dust

    • AnotherOneBitestheDust
    • Dusty Road
    • The Dust
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    Prince sang about these lovely birds

    • Coo Of a Dove
    • Doves
    • When Doves Cry


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