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Sing the Songs of the 1950s

If you have been following my quizzes then you know I took you all the way to the 1990s but the songs of that year were no longer very familiar to me. So I am going back in time now and offer you some of the best hits of the 1950s. I hope you enjoy it.

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    Mickey and Sylvia came out with a very interesting song about love and it became popular in the movie “Dirty Dancing.”

    • Love Is Strange
    • Strange Love
    • Love Strangely
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    Elvis wanted to become a plush toy for all women. The song title begins (Let Me Be Your) and ends

    • Cuddly Bear
    • Teddy Bear
    • Huggy Bear
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    The Diamonds came up with a very interesting song for a special kind of dance

    • The Walkabout
    • Roaming
    • The Stroll
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    Chuck Berry wanted a popular classical composer to know that rock and roll had arrived

    • Roll Over Beethoven
    • Believe Me Beethoven
    • Listen Beethoven
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    Nat King Cole had a beautiful song about a work of art

    • Lovely Painting
    • Mona Lisa
    • Work of Art
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    Bobby Freeman wanted to get everyone out on the dance floor

    • Come Dancing
    • Dance With Me
    • Do You Wanna Dance
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    Ritchie Valens had a big hit with a song that was actually about a snake

    • La Bamba
    • Snake’s Alive
    • Snake Dance
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    Bobby Day sang about a springtime bird

    • Robin Fly
    • Rockin’ Robin
    • Come Fly Robin
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    Jerry Lee Lewis had a very fiery hit

    • Fireball
    • Flames
    • Great Balls of Fire
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    Bobby Darrin sang about a dangerous man

    • Mack the Knife
    • Man With Knife
    • Knife Man


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