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Sing Songs About Trains

Here are different songs about trains. Enjoy the quiz and have fun.

  • Question of

    Elton John told us that This Train Don’t _______

    • Stop There
    • Pass Through Here
    • Stop Everytime
  • Question of

    Bon Jovi took his train back home

    • Train to Home
    • Homebound Train
    • My Train
  • Question of

    Johnny Cash had a lively hit with this country classic

    • Fast Running Train
    • Train in the Tropics
    • Orange Blossom Special
  • Question of

    Creedence Clearwater Revival sang about a spooky train

    • Graveyard Train
    • Cemetery Train
    • Ghost Train
  • Question of

    Boxcar Willie reminded us how much hobos like trains

    • Train For Hobos
    • Hobo Heaven
    • Trains and Hobos
  • Question of

    The Allman Brothers took a train that seemed to never stop

    • Forever Train
    • Onward Train
    • All Night Train
  • Question of

    Gladys Night and the Pips sang about this kind of train

    • Brotherhood Train
    • Friendship Train
    • Good Train
  • Question of

    Duke Ellington told everyone which train to take

    • Take the A Train
    • Take the Fast Train
    • Take the Express
  • Question of

    The Monkees had a big hit with this train song Take the Last Train ___________

    • To Washington
    • To Clarksville
    • To Derby
  • Question of

    Cat Stevens had a big hit with this song

    • Peace Train
    • Quiet Train
    • Modern Train
  • Question of

    ELO took this train

    • Express Train
    • Last Train to London
    • Last Train
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    Ozzy Osbourne sang about this train

    • Looney Train
    • Silly Train
    • Crazy Train


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