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Sing a Song About Flowers

Here are popular songs about flowers. I hope you have fun with this quiz. 

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    Tommy James and the Shondells had a hit singing about _______

    • Crimson and Clover
    • Meadow Clover
    • Green Clover
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    Lynn Anderson sang about life and love. The song began with I Never Promised You ________

    • Thorny Roses
    • A Rose Garden
    • Roses No Thorns
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    Bette Midler sang about the Queen of Flowers

    • Reddest Rose
    • Rosy Red
    • The Rose
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    Tiny Tim tiptoed through these in the song Tiptoe Through the __________

    • Tulips
    • Carnations
    • Daisies
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    The Doors sang about these flowers

    • Scented Hyacinth
    • Hyacinth House
    • Garden Hyacinth
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    Jud Strunk had a hit with this simple but lovely flower

    • Simple Daisy
    • Meadow Daisy
    • A Daisy a Day
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    The Grateful Dead sang about these beautiful flowers

    • Scarlet Begonias
    • Scented Begonias
    • My Begonias
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    Oasis had a hit singing about this flower

    • Beautiful Morning Glory
    • Morning Glory
    • The Morning Glory
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    Eels sang about these scented flowers

    • Purple Lilacs
    • Lilacs
    • Lilac Breeze
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    Marty Robbins had a hit with A White Sport Coat and a ____________

    • Lovely Carnation
    • Pink Carnation
    • Carnation in Pink


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