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Sing a Black Song

Black, of course, is not among the pastel colors so this is going off the challenge. I realized there were some interesting songs with black in the title. So I hope you have fun with this quiz.

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    Marc Almond sang about getting this kind of kiss

    • Your Black Lips
    • Black Kiss
    • Kiss From Black Lips
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    Deep Purple sang about this time of the day

    • Black Night
    • Star in the Night
    • Starry Night
  • Question of

    Alana Grace wasn’t sure what color the flowers should be

    • My Black Rose
    • Blackest Rose
    • Black Roses Red
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    Janet Jackson sang about this kind of cat

    • Black Cat
    • Black Cat Eyes
    • My Black Cat
  • Question of

    The Beatles were sad that the lady was dressed like this

    • Lady In Black
    • Baby’s In Black
    • Black Lady
  • Question of

    The Rolling Stones wanted something to be painted differently

    • Black Door
    • Door Paint Black
    • Paint It Black
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    The Beatles sang about this kind of bird

    • Blackbird
    • Black Swallow
    • Black Tail Bird
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    Johnny Cash got to be known as this kind of man

    • Dressed In Black
    • Man In Black
    • Black Shirt Man
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    Alannah Milo sand about this color and fabric

    • Dark Velvet
    • Velvety Black
    • Black Velvet
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    The Doobie Brothers sang about this water

    • Black Water
    • Waters of Black
    • Black River
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    KISS sang about this kind of gem

    • Black Gem
    • Black Diamond
    • Gem of Black


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