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The Seven Summits Quiz

I made this quiz just for fan not that i climbed all the seven summits but I wish I could one day at least i wish to climb one of them if you already climbed one of them comment the name below if you wish to climb one of them or all comment please share your score

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    Mount Everest is the Earth’s highest mountain, with a peak at

    • 8,848 metres
    • 8,880 metres
    • 8,900 metres
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    the second highest mountain in the world and the highest mountain in south America with a peak of 6,960.8 metres

    • Monte Pissis
    • Aconcagua
    • Cazadero
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    Denali is the Highest Peak in North America , what they used to call it ?

    • Mont Logan
    • Mont Steele
    • Mt McKinley
    • Mont Steele
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    where does “Kilimanjaro” the highest mountain in Africa ( 5,895 meters) located?

    • Kenya
    • No
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    the name of the Highest Peak in Europ with 5,642 meters

    • Mont Kazbek
    • Mont Ouchba
    • Mount Elbrus
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    what is the name of the highest mountain in antarctica ( 4,892 meters) ?

    • Massif Vinson
    • Mont Tyree
    • Mount Gardner
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    where does “Puncak Jaya” (4,884 meters)the highest mount in Oceania continent Located ?

    • Malaysia
    • hawaii
    • Indonesia
    • hawaii
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    where does mount Everest located

    • Nepal
    • india
    • usa


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