Second part: What do you know about Miley Cyrus?

Here’s the new part of quiz about my favorite artist – Miley Cyrus. You can check first quiz here.

Let me know your score in comments. Good luck!

  • Miley Cyrus’s boyfriend in the movie “Lol” was

    • Douglas Booth
    • Johnny Depp
    • Leonardo Dicaprio
  • What is the name of the dog Miley gave to Liam Hemsworth?

    • Felix
    • Ziggy
    • Jackey
  • Which female singer is sitting with Miley as a coach for The Voice S11?

    • Jennifer Hudson
    • Alicia Keys
    • Katy Perry
  • Which ex was Miley singing about in her song “7 Things”?

    • Nick Jonas
    • Tyler Posey
    • Justin Gaston
  • What classic pop song did Miley cover on her album Breakout?

    • Material girl
    • Girls just want to have fun
    • Walking on sunshine
  • Which album was Miley’s single “Fly On the Wall” included on?

    • Breakout
    • The time of us
    • Meet Miley Cyrus
  • How did Miley’s dog Floyd pass away?

    • Coyote attack
    • Illness
    • Car accident
  • What food did Miley once hand out to fans?

    • Avocados
    • Potatoes
    • Qunioa

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