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Scandinavian bridges: what do you know about them? Quiz

As you know, Scandinavia is rich in various architectural delights. Among others, they include bridges that give a special charm to the Nordic countries. Let’s know some facts about the most picturesque Scandinavian bridges & have some aesthetic pleasure from photos with their images!

  • Question of

    _______________________ literally hovers over the Hardangerfjord.

    • The Norway Bridge/Norgebrua
    • The Hardanger Bridge/Hardangerbrua
    • Stavanger City Bridge/Stavanger bybru
    • The Foldabridge/Folda bru
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    _______________________ is an approximately 16 km long road and rail link between Sweden and Denmark.

    • The Øresund Bridge/Øresundsbroen
    • Sallingsund Bridge/Sallingsundbroen
    • Langeland Bridge/Langelandsbroen
    • The Alssund Bridge/Alssundbroen
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    _______________________is one of the major bridges in Stockholm, from which you can enjoy the most panoramic views of the central part of the city.

    • Stadshusbron
    • Kungsbron
    • Västerbron
    • Sankt Eriksbron
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    _______________________is the longest of the eight bridges that make up the Atlantic Ocean Road/the Atlantic Road/Atlanterhavsveien (Norway).

    • The Storseisundet Bridge/Storseisundbrua
    • The Runde Bridge/Rundebrua
    • The Omsund Bridge/Omsundbrua
    • Elgeseter Bridge/Elgeseter bru
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    _______________________is the longest bridge of Finland connecting the island of Replot with the mainland in Korsholm (near Vaasa).

    • The Replot Bridge/Raippaluodon silta
    • Jänhijoki railway bridge
    • Kvarken Bridge/Merenkurkun silta
    • The Möljä Bridge/Möljän silta
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    _______________________is a multi-element fixed link crossing the Great Belt strait between the Danish islands of Zealand and Funen.

    • The Farø Bridges/Farøbroerne
    • Vejle Fjord Bridge/Vejlefjordbroen
    • Vilsund Bridge/Vilsundbroen
    • The Great Belt Bridge/Storebæltsforbindelsen
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    _______________________is one of the most famous bridges of Iceland

    • The Blue Lagoon Bridge/Bláa lónið Bridge
    • The Hvítá bridge/Hvítárbrú
    • Iðubrú
    • Jökulsárlón Bridge
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    _______________________ is a combined cable-stayed and pontoon bridge which crosses Salhusfjorden and located in Bergen and Meland, Norway.

    • Vaterland Bridge/Vaterlands bro
    • The Nordhordland Bridge/Nordhordlandsbrua
    • Frednes Bridge/Frednesbrua
    • Grenland Bridge/Grenlandsbrua


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