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I just love cats. This quiz is about some of the most popular cat breeds. Take a look at the lovely kitties and read their descriptions. Then decide what is the right breed name of the cat. 

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    These cats have big ears and their bodies are thin. They look a bit unusual. They can quickly learn tricks and love to have their humans around.

    • Big Ear
    • Devon Rex
    • Rex Cat
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    This is one of the oldest known cat breeds. These cats aren’t lap cats but are very intelligent and are loyal to their humans.

    • Abyssinian
    • Long Tail
    • Himalayan
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    Since these cat are hairless they are a good choice for those who are allergic to cat hairs. They are mischievous and playful and love the company of humans.

    • Baldy
    • Pyramid
    • Sphynx
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    These cats are known for their unusual folded ears. They are easy to take care of and adjust well to all climates and other animals.

    • Scottish Fold
    • Highland Cat
    • Foldears
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    These cats do great in families. They are affectionate and don’t require a lot of care. They can live to over 15 years.

    • US Shorthair
    • American Shorthair
    • Shorthair
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    These cats are large in size and are trainable and smart. Their tufted paws and big ears make them unique.

    • Barncat
    • Flufftail
    • Maine Coon
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    These cats need a lot of brushing so their coats stay luxurious. They don’t prefer to climb or jump.

    • Persian
    • Big Tail
    • Puffcat
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    These cats are affectionate and quiet. They have dense coats, large round eyes and a sturdy build.

    • English Country Cat
    • British Shorthair
    • Shorthair
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    These cats are known for their blue eyes and large size, They learn tricks easily and come in four patterns – bi-color, van, mitted, and color point.

    • Ragdoll
    • Baby Cat
    • Dollcat
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    A very popular cat breed. They have an easy going nature and a rounded “teddy bear” appearance. Their coats are soft.

    • Wildbreed
    • Stripped
    • Exotic
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    They have been popular since the 19th century. Originating from Thailand. They are very intelligent and vocal.

    • Siamese
    • Blackface
    • BlackandCream


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