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Sacrifice Ritual Quiz

I’ve been playing Project Zero series (now midway through Project Zero 2: Wii Edition) and I got a little interest about the story behind.

Apparently, the game is advertise as “Based on a true story” in it’s PS2 USA release. However, many say that there are little evidence to support that.

Nevertheless, I am still intrigue by the gruesome back story about little kids being sacrifice in the most cruel way – pulled a part limb by limb. The villages in the game believe that there is a gate to hell in their village and the only way to seal the gateway is to do human sacrifice.

And this led me to research about human sacrifice and hence this quiz … …

  • Question of

    Human sacrifices are usually carried out NOT because of…

    • Because of hatred
    • To ask for blessing or fortune
    • To appease a god or spirits
  • Question of

    The Aztec sacrifice butterflies and hummingbirds to…

    • Huitzilopochtli
    • Quetzalcoatl
    • Tezcatlipoca
  • Question of

    The Nahua’s religious beliefs were based on a great fear that the universe would collapse after each cycle if the gods were not strong enough. How long is 1 cycle?

    • 40 years
    • 45 years
    • 52 years
  • Question of

    The Japanese ritual which maidens were buried alive at the base or near some constructions to protect the buildings against disasters or enemy attacks is called…

    • Hitobashira
    • Kamikaze
    • Jisatsu
  • Question of

    Which Chinese emperor started the cruel tradition of concubines to be buried alive when the Emperor dies? This tradition was abolished in 1464.

    • Qin Shihuang
    • Yongle Emperor
    • Hongwu Emperor
  • Question of

    In India human sacrifice is mainly known as…

    • Narabali
    • Narathi
    • Harali
  • Question of

    The Maya held the belief that __________ were portals to the underworld and sacrificed human beings and tossed them down the cenote to please the water god Chaac.

    • Cenotes
    • Caves
    • Wells
  • Question of

    Sacrifice offerings made to Xipe Totec, involves…

    • boys being burnt to death
    • boys being skinned
    • boys being hanged


What do you think?

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Written by alibb

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  1. Your quiz sounds glad I got only 3/8, coz if I got it perfect it’s really questionable..haha but thanks coz u got the guts to create this frightful quiz (just kidding)…haha good job still for u did a great research.. 🙂


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