The Random Quiz of Everything Part 1

Having done a lot of themed based quizzes I felt the urge to do a random general knowledge quiz.

Hope you enjoy it. have fun!

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    What is the name given to the largest spider species in the world?

    • Gargantuan
    • Funnel Web
    • Goliath
    • Dragon
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    What is the world’s fastest car as recognised by the Guiness Book of Records at current time?

    • Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport
    • SSC Ultimate Aero
    • McLaren Formula 1
    • Lamborghini Veneno
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    Which family of trees does the Oak tree belong to?

    • Ash
    • Oak
    • Beech
    • Palm
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    How many species of frog are said to have become extinct since 1980?

    • Over 10
    • Over 25
    • Over 50
    • Over 120
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    What nationality was the inventor of the Rubik’s Cube, Erno Rubik?

    • German
    • Hungarian
    • Latvian
    • Swedish
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    Where was the rubber band or elastic band patented in 1845?

    • USA
    • England
    • Scotland
    • Canada
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    How long would you spend on vacation if you stayed at the location from Monday to Monday?

    • 7 Days
    • 6 Days
    • 8 Days
    • 9 Days
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    In 2009, how many metric tons off eggs were produced by chickens worlwide?

    • 40.3 Million
    • 50.2 Million
    • 62.1 Million
    • 73.2 Million
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    What is the atomic number of Oxygen?

    • 8
    • 3
    • 11
    • 13
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    What is the highest mountain in the United States of America?

    • Mount Ranier – Washington
    • Mount Elbert– Colorado
    • Mount Denali – Alaska
    • Mount Whitney – California


What do you think?

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    • Where does it stipulate what time you arrive in the question? It simply states that your vacation STAY was Monday to Monday, which is 8 days. You could have travelled on Sunday and returned on Tuesday. Or even travelled early am Monday and then left late night on the following Monday. It is a meant to be a bit of fun so the question shouldn’t need analysis but just be taken at face value. Take a chill pill or a vacation, lol.

      • Lee, that’s exactly it, it should be taken as a bit of fun so because someone simply points out a possible mistake in your quiz should you then become so defensive and start telling them to ‘Take a chill pill or a vacation’?
        It sounds as if you may need to take your own advice?

  1. 7 right. But, “How long would you spend on vacation if you stayed at the location from Monday to Monday?” is wrong. Seven-day, or one-week, vacations always begin and end on the same day (in this part of the world anyway). If I arrive on Monday midday and leave on Sunday midday I’ll have had only a six-day break πŸ™‚

    • But if you’re staying Monday to Monday as the question states, then it’s eight days. That’s the whole point of a tricky question because most people will say a week or seven days not thinking to count both Mondays :o) So no mate it’s not wrong. Monday to Monday is 8 days. There is no defined length for a holiday or there would be no point in the question, lol. It’s like me saying no a football match is not 90 minutes for me because if you take in the time for a toilet break and getting caught in the pie queue at half time, lol. The question is literal and doesn’t take into account how you would arrive or depart or how you take your holiday. Just Monday to Monday. I need a break after that lol

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