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Random Facts We Learned on Virily … What and who

If you truly participate on Virily you learn a whole lot of information. I wonder how much of this great information we retain. I suppose it’s different for everyone as we all have very different interests and backgrounds. All the correct answers are on the site “somewhere”. You may remember them from a quiz, a poll, a post. You may look the up. You may just skip it altogether and it’s all good. Everyone should “Virily” their own way.

Here is your first Virily Random Facts Quiz

  • Who told us that “Cats do not meow at other cats. They meow at humans.”?

    • Introvert
    • Fortune
    • Jaylar
  • Jesus is frequently addressed as “Rabbi”. The word Rabbi originates from the Hebrew which literally means what? Was a question asked by?

    • Ghostwriter
    • Trafalgar Law
  • Was this fact on Virily true or false? Caterpillars move by first sliding their internal organs forward then picking up their legs to match the position of their innards.

    • True
    • False
  • ou might know all about the Winter Suet for Birds because this writer told you

    • Carol DM
    • Kim_Johnson
    • Ileana Calotescu
  • 5. Which of these set of spices did Norman Darlington show us?

    • chilis, cuman, finger root
    • vanilla, licorice, carrowa
    • all spice, asafoetida, fenugreek
  • Who asked us this question In the southern hemisphere, the _____ _____ occurs every December?

    • Ghostwriter
    • Rex Trulove
    • Norman Darlington
  • Was this fact true or false? That distinctive crayon smell is actually beef fat!

    • True
    • False
  • Multiple sclerosis happens far more commonly in temperate areas than in semitropical or tropical areas, but nobody knows why.

    • True
    • False

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Written by Ghostwriter



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