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Quizzes are not a bed of roses but this one is quite that

This quiz is all about idioms involving flowers and trees.  Anything spoken or written with idioms and phrases adds it class. 

Many a famous writer will not rest until they have a good amount of idioms in their writings. It is like listening to music when speeches are packed with idioms and phrases.  I try to add too but I am still a beginner. 

Viriliers who are voracious readers will surely find this quiz a bed or roses. 

As usual you are given options.  You just choose the right word and fill in the blanks

Good Luck

  • Question of

    Something that is easy to do is like falling off ……

    • a log
    • a branch
    • a vine
  • Question of

    You do this when you criticise those who stand out in a crowed You cut down ……………..

    • tall trees
    • tall poppies
    • tall clusters
  • Question of

    You offer a bouguet of………….in praise of someone

    • orchids
    • roses
    • asters
  • Question of

    You do this to the Lily when you over decorate something

    • Gild
    • shower
    • spray
  • Question of

    If you grasp it then you efficiently handle the problem

    • the nettle
    • the tree
    • the bush
  • Question of

    You brush aside the issue when you kick the

    • long grass
    • matted grass
    • tall grass
  • Question of

    Saying something repeatedly losing its value is like old………….

    • chestnut
    • hazelnut
    • walnut
  • Question of

    You show surprise when you ……………a Daisy

    • Wow
    • Oops
    • phew


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