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Quizing a song…Black, yellow or green snow having a frozen thought?

After swimmin’ and flippin’ under the sea, Arielle made a deal with Ursula.   Ursula gave her legs so she can dance, jump, run and stroll along down, what do you call that again? “Ahhhh street”.

Ursula took her voice.    But then Ursula broke the deal she did not give legs to Arielle, she just took her voice.    Ursula challenge Arielle if she can sing the lines of the Christmas song she can take her voice back and also the promised legs.

How can she sing if she has no voice?

Let’s help Arielle by completing the following lines


  • I have no gift to bring…

    • Pum pum pum pum
    • Pa rum pum pum pum
    • pum.. pum.. pum.. rum.. pa…
  • Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

    • they are now burning just like coal
    • jack frost nippin at your nose
    • ready to be grinded like coffee
  • I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

    • with messy streets when the ice melts
    • just like the ones I used to know
    • so that I can have a winter break
  • You better watch out…

    • there is an open manhole on the road
    • you better not cry
    • you will be grounded after
  • We wish you a merry Christmas

    • and lots of good gifts
    • and a Happy New Year
    • and where is my gift
  • Last Christmas, I gave you my heart

    • you just grabbed it and ate it right away
    • but the very next day you gave it away
    • then you gave it back to me.
  • People making list, buying special gifts

    • paying through their credit cards
    • taking time to be kind to one and all
    • waiting for the coffee in Starbucks
  • Jingle bells, jingle bells

    • up high on tower
    • jingle all the way
    • rocking all the way

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