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This Quiz Will Motivate You To Greater Heights

There are great motivational speakers in the world. They motivate us to achieve our goals. Theirs is just to talk and your to take action.

Here are some of their antidotes. They may motivate you positively. You may be giving up on life but this one will uplift you. Take the quiz.

  • Question of

    Which are the words of the shortest speech given by Sir Winston Churchill?

    • I love you all
    • I have a dream
    • Be winners
    • Never ever give up
  • Question of

    What will we see if we look up that will give us success?

    • The moon
    • The sun
    • The sky
    • The stars
  • Question of

    Successful people always think….

    • Failure
    • Small
    • Winning
    • Success
  • Question of

    You will never be a…

    • Winner
    • Loser
    • Successful
    • Boss
  • Question of

    What is wrong with tomorrow that we should worry only about today.

    • Tomorrow is today’s preparation
    • Tomorrow has its own problems
    • We will die tomorrow
    • All the three
  • Question of

    To fail to….is to prepare to fail.

    • Prepare
    • Eat
    • Plan
    • Succeed
  • Question of

    Which of the following describes successful thinking?

    • Passimism
    • Autism
    • Optimism
    • Successism
  • Question of

    Which one here means ‘to be blessed’?

    • To be rich
    • To be immensely wealthy
    • To be in the favor of God
    • To have many things
  • Question of

    Success is……

    • Winning all the time
    • Achieving your set goals
    • Having everything
    • Comfortability in everything
  • Question of

    How are you to set your goals?

    • Achievable
    • With a time frame
    • Measurable
    • All the above


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