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Quiz: What Do You Know About Weather Phenomenon?

The weather: We talk about it, complain about it, and experience it, but how much do you know about it? Let’s face it, unless we live indoors, in a bubble, we are all affected by the weather. Weather is dynamic and even when it doesn’t seem to be changing, it always is. Weather can impact us tremendously or it can be so mild that we are scarcely aware of it. 

How much do you know about weather and weather phenomenon?

  • The study of weather is called __________?

    • Climatology
    • Meterology
  • The 5 main aspects of weather are: Air temperature, wind speed/direction, cloud cover/precipitation, humidity, and __________?

    • Soil temperature
    • ‘Feels like’ temperature
    • Air pressure
  • True or False: Tornadoes have been recorded on every continent except Antarctica, but about 90% of the tornadoes that happen in the world occur in ‘Tornado Alley’, in the United States.

    • True
    • False
  • Precipitation that falls as rain, but which freezes instantly when it hits the ground or objects, is called __________.

    • Freezing rain
    • Sleet
    • Pellet snow
  • High altitude bands of very fast moving air that circle the globe are called __________.

    • Polar vortexes
    • Jetstreams
    • Cyclones
  • True or False: In order for snow to fall all the way to the ground, the air temperature at ground level must be at or below freezing.

    • True
    • False
  • A combination of falling snow, winds of 30 miles per hour or more, and visibility of under one-quarter mile, lasting for over 3 hours, is called __________.

    • Drifting snow
    • A snow storm
    • A blizzard
  • True or False: Snow can’t fall once the temperatures drop below 10 F or -12 C.

    • True
    • False
  • True or False: Thunderstorms can only happen when the air is hot.

    • True
    • False
  • True or False: A Virga is an actual phenomenon where rain falls from a cloud be evaporates before it reaches the ground.

    • True
    • False

What do you think?

12 points

Written by Rex Trulove

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    • If you only got one incorrect, you did really, really good! Yes, that one is a common wive’s tale. I’ve seen it snow at 10 below zero. The thing is that it is just rare because the air can become so dry that snow usually isn’t formed. However, it can happen if there is moister (and usually warmer) air up above the cold air.

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