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Quiz time – let’s go purple

Any garden that has hues of violet, blue and purple sure is an indication that a lot of trouble is taken to see them bloom.  Most of these flowers are not common and so it is only a keen gardener would take the trouble to have them in their garden. .

However there is joy in touring those gardens that have these flowers.  I took that tour and uploaded images for your viewing pleasure.  You only have to know their names. You have choices to pick from.

Good Luck.

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  • Have you seen this flower? What is its name?

    • Purple zinnia
    • China Aster
    • Purple Chrysanthemum
  • I love this flower. Do you know what it is called?

    • Orchid
    • Calla Lily
    • Wild tulip
  • This is quite common. What is it?

    • Aster
    • Candytuft
    • periwinkle
  • This is seen in many gardens

    • Gerranium
    • Dianthus Caryophyllusd
    • Cosmos
  • It has that particular shine

    • Wax flower
    • Chrysanthemum
    • Aster
  • Must be there in your garden.

    • Flox
    • Heliothrope
    • Verbena
  • Not easy to grow.

    • Dendrodium Orchid
    • African hibiscus
    • Plumeria
  • This flower is also commonly seen

    • Cyclamen
    • Tulip
    • Wild Indigo

What do you think?

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