Quiz: Name these Punctuation Marks

Punctuation is something we use all the time. This quiz isn’t about how to use it (maybe a later quiz!) but about what its bits and pieces are called. To make this a worthwhile challenge, I’ve included some rather unusual typographical items. Forgive me! In each question, the punctuation mark is the first thing to appear on the line.

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  • . This one is called a period or a

    • Stop end
    • Full end
    • Full stop
  • ; This is half like a body part

    • Half-foot
    • Semi-colon
    • Quasi-comma
  • « » These guys are known as

    • Guillemets
    • Guillemots
    • Willymoths
  • ¿¡ We all know what these are, but in which language are you most likely to come across their use?

    • Russian
    • Spanish
    • British English
  • ~ Viva España!

    • Mexican wave
    • Curling tongs
    • Tilde
  • ⋯ This reminds me of the orbit of Halley’s comet

    • Eclipse
    • Ellipsis
    • Psoriasis
  • ‰ Uh, what’s that?

    • Per million
    • Per mil
    • Per cent
  • * Some consider this risqué

    • Ampersand
    • Tamarisk
    • Asterisk
  • ¶ Something about medicine and a bird?

    • Drugwing
    • Pilcrow
    • Tablethawk
  • ^ A precious vegetable? Not quite!

    • Caret
    • Goldnip
    • Gempepper
  • ― This fellow seems to be in a hurry

    • Rush
    • Dash
    • Expedite

What do you think?

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  1. 7/11. Never heard of some of them; speech marks, for instance, and percent. Never seen a ‘pilcrow’ and got so flabbergasted that I flubbed ‘asterix.’ Was looking for ‘parentheses’ and ‘ampersand.’
    So here I am closetting myself away for fear of being seen for what I am; a seven-out-of-eleven. WAAAAA

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