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Quiz: Name That Group of Animals

Sometimes the name we give to a group of a particular kind of animals is so common that we don’t give it much thought. For instance, someone might refer to a “herd” of deer or elk or cattle. Most people could probably figure out, if they don’t already know, that the ‘herd’ is a group of deer or elk or cattle, so the reference is simply to multiple individuals.

However, some group names are much less common and they can be specific to a certain kind of animal. In this quiz, the name of the group is going to be given. Your task is to match the name of the group with the kind of animal. To make it more interesting, the pictures used will have nothing to do with the correct answer.

Fair warning, though: This is not an easy quiz, though I hope it is a fun one.

  • Question of

    A “WAKE” of __________

    • Crows
    • Buzzards
    • Turkeys
  • Question of

    A “COALITION” of __________

    • Hyenas
    • Warthogs
    • Cheetahs
  • Question of

    A “MISCHIEF” of __________

    • Rabbits
    • Mice
    • Vultures
  • Question of

    A “GAZE” of __________

    • Raccoons
    • Wolves
    • Marmots
  • Question of

    A “PARLIAMENT” of __________

    • Owls
    • Pheasants
    • Coyotes
  • Question of

    A “LEAP” of __________

    • Mallards
    • Leopards
    • Alligators
  • Question of

    A “MURDER” of __________

    • Crows
    • Killer Whales
    • Sharks
  • Question of

    A “GAGGLE” of __________

    • Geese
    • Herons
    • Alligators
  • Question of

    A “TOWER” of __________

    • Termites
    • Hawks
    • Giraffes
  • Question of

    A “CLOUD” of __________

    • Grasshoppers
    • Ducks
    • Quail


What do you think?

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Written by Rex Trulove

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  1. Three wrong out of ten. Leaping lizards I didnt know a bunch of Giraffes were called a tower, nor a coalition of leopards. I should of known a cloud of grasshoppers but didnt. This was harder than I expected, good quiz here.


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