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Quiz: Do You Know these Spanish Words used in English? PART 2

For centuries there has been close cultural contact between the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking worlds. Much of this contact has been, and continues to be, centred on the Caribbean and North America, but historically the process has taken place in Europe, Africa and the Far East as well. No wonder there has been a long and lively exchange of vocabulary between our two languages.

Can you recognise these Spanish terms which are used in English? Identify the correct meaning in each case, and don’t be shy – share your results below ?

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  • Question of


    • masculine
    • corn chips
    • the speed of sound
  • Question of


    • Tequila-based cocktail
    • Mexican bar
    • broad-rimmed hat
  • Question of


    • house of ill repute
    • wineshop
    • low-cut dress
  • Question of


    • enthusiast
    • drunkard
    • large cigar
  • Question of


    • Left-handed person
    • Latino comedian
    • Argentine cowboy
  • Question of


    • animal with a leathery shell
    • slim cigar
    • minor offence
  • Question of


    • Shellfish
    • Seabird
    • Pasta dish
  • Question of


    • ranch
    • stand of shrubs
    • small, fast horse
  • Question of


    • cornbread
    • turkey feather
    • labourer
  • Question of


    • coriander
    • cumin
    • parsley


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      • A little unfairness won’t hurt us a bit. I fall into that group of people who think it tastes like “soap” which I read somewhere is genetic which I found interesting. I’m actually really glad to know the name actually; but, especially in the district of SF that I mostly lived in, it’s always cilantro. (unless you’re having a burrito with asian friends.)

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