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Quiz – Complete These 15 Wisdom Sayings

Here is a collection of sayings that we have heard.

All you got to do is complete the missing words in the sayings.

Let’s see how well do you remember them.

Take the quiz and find out.

Ready? Let’s start the quiz..

  • A blind person who sees is better than

    • A seeing person who is blind.
    • A seeing person who can’t see.
  • A crown’s no cure for a

    • A toothache
    • A headache
  • A new broom sweeps clean but an old broom knows

    • The corners
    • Where the dirt lies
  • All’s well that

    • Begins well
    • Ends well
  • Common sense is a genius dressed

    • In its working clothes
    • Behind a hidden face
  • Everything in

    • Moderation
    • Excess
  • Health is better than

    • Money
    • Wealth
  • In bad things be slow and in good things be

    • Fast
    • Much slower
  • Life is a journey, not a

    • Standstill
    • Destination
  • Money buys everything but

    • Good sense
    • Wisdom
  • One head cannot hold all

    • Wisdom
    • Thoughts
  • Out of sight

    • Out of work
    • Out of mind
  • Wisdom is easy to carry but difficult to

    • Gather
    • Find
  • Wonder is the beginning of

    • Wisdom
    • Curiosity
  • Wonder is the beginning of

    • Wisdom
    • Curiosity

What do you think?

15 points

Written by Manni

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