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Quiz ~ Common but difficult words to spell

There are words that we use practically every day or hear several times a day but can we spell them correctly? Lets face it, the English language can be somewhat complicated. Some words have an overabundance of vowels – often the same ones which seem somewhat unnecessary at times. Does unnecessary really need two n’s and two s’s ?

As difficult as some words are to spell we need to get them right. So here is a quiz to test your spelling knowledge. Most are words you may have heard or used many times.  I will give a clue to the meaning in the question and you have to pick the correct spelling from two choices. Not bad, even if you guess you have a 50/50 chance. Have fun.

  • Question of

    An inflated idea of one’s importance

    • Narccisictic
    • Narcissistic
  • Question of

    Unusual and often strange behaviour as viewed by others

    • Essentric
    • Eccentric
  • Question of

    Fit one’s needs

    • Accommodate
    • Acommadate
  • Question of

    A feeling of self importance

    • vainglorious
    • vangloryous
  • Question of

    A —- amount of money

    • Minuscule
    • Miniscule
  • Question of

    A — worker

    • Conscientious
    • Concientious
  • Question of

    The reluctant acceptance of something

    • Aquiesce
    • Acquiesce
  • Question of

    Blow your nose in it

    • Handkirchef
    • handkerchief
  • Question of

    A military rank

    • Lieutenant
    • Leuteinant
  • Question of

    Disrespect for something sacred

    • Sacrilegious
    • Sacreligous


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