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Quiz For All Coffee Lovers- How Much You Know About Coffee?

Coffee.. Most of us cannot start our day without our favourite cup of coffee.

For all coffee lovers out there its time to take this interesting quiz and find out how much you know about your favourite beverage.

So are you ready to begin?

Let’s see how much would you score..


  • Coffee was discovered?

    • Brazil
    • Ethiopia
    • Ghana
  • Headquarters of Starbucks?

    • New York
    • Boston
    • Seattle
  • Country which drinks most coffee per capita?

    • USA
    • Finland
    • Japan
  • Most expensive coffee is Kopi Luwak?

    • True
    • False
  • Which has more caffeine?

    • Drip coffee
    • Red bull
    • Both
  • Cappuccino is made from?

    • Espresso and milk
    • Espresson, water and milk
    • Espresso, milk and milk foam
  • First country to make drip coffee?

    • France
    • Italy
    • Spain
  • Typically there are 2 varieties of coffee beans?

    • Arabica and Robusta
    • Arabica and Java
  • One coffee tree can produce how many cups on average?

    • 500 cups
    • 1000 cups
    • 100 cups
  • Coffee Canata is composee by?

    • Bach
    • Beethoven

What do you think?

14 points

Written by Manni

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  1. 7/10. I’m sure that some of these questions have appeared previously on another quiz. I don’t understand question 9 – are you saying that a coffee plant curls up and dies after it has produced enough beans for 100 cups of coffee? How on earth does a coffee planter make a living if that is the case? My understanding was that coffee trees produce a crop for 50 years or more, which should amount to a lot more than 100 cups worth!

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