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Quiz Challenge – How much World Knowledge do you have? – Lets test your IQ, Part 5

This is a world based quiz challenge, the objective of this quiz is to give knowledge to those who are unaware of world and to give them a platform where they can find the best quizzes.

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Are you ready? Here we go !!!

  • Question of

    How many females are more than men in USA

    • 5.5 Million
    • 5.6 Million
    • 5.7 Million
  • Question of

    What is the population of Vatican City, the smallest country in the world?

    • 451 Person
    • 551 Person
    • 651 Person
  • Question of

    The distance between Canada and USA by road is __?

    • 3262 KM
    • 2262 KM
    • 1262 KM
  • Question of

    Is ___the only deaf university in the world?

    • Gana University
    • Arizona University
    • Gallaudet University
  • Question of

    Who has invented the cigarette?

    • Allen Wolf
    • S.A Adam
    • James Bonsack
  • Question of

    What does AM stand for ?

    • After Meal
    • After Morning
    • ante meridiem
  • Question of

    The only place which celebrates New Year first?

    • Kiribati
    • Gana
    • Geneva
  • Question of

    The only country with the most beautiful women is

    • Egypt
    • Pakistan
    • Venezuela
  • Question of

    The only country whose men are very smart is

    • Canada
    • Newzealand
    • Brazil
  • Question of

    The country with the most intelligent people in the world is

    • Japan
    • China
    • Singapore


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