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Quiz – Ancient Megaliths and Temples

Here is a fun quiz on ancient megaliths and temples from around the world.

Test your knowledge on Egyptian, Greek and other temples. Here’s a fun fact: the largest single cut stone meant for a temple weighs 1650 tons! Where is it located?

Have fun and enjoy!

  • Which is the oldest megalithic temple?

    • Stonehenge
    • Gobekli Tepi
  • Where is the Pyramid of the Magician?

    • Uxmal
    • Egypt
  • The Hypogeum is found

    • under ground
    • on a hill
  • The largest single cut stone is in

    • Baalbek
    • Giza
  • Where is the Temple of Dendur now located?

    • London
    • New York
  • The Palace of Knossos was built by the

    • Minoans
    • Romans
  • The Temple of Luxor is located on

    • the East bank of the Nile
    • the West bank of the Nile
  • Which Greek temple style is older?

    • Corinthian
    • Ionic

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