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Quiz about Italy

Italy is a European country of interesting shape. According to some, it has a boots shape, and to others it is a heel shape. It is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps. It is known for its football, pizza, pasta and the mafia. Italy is a very powerful country with a large population. It was a very important factor in both world warfare.

In this quiz, check out the knowledge about Italy.

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    On which peninsula is Italy?

    • Apennine Peninsula
    • Pyrenees Peninsula
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    What form of dictatorship developed in Italy after the First World War?

    •  Nazism
    • Fascism
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    Which town produce pizza?

    • Naples
    • Milano
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    What is it called the Italian province, very attractive to tourists because of the Renaissance heritage?

    • Sicily
    • Tuscany
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    Which Italian club does the famous Croatian football player Mario Madžukić play for?

    • Inter
    • Juventus
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    Which city is the Italian capital of fashion?

    • Milan
    • Torino
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    What is today’s Italian city known for its carnival in February?

    • Palermo
    • Venice
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    Which Italian tennis player won the USOPEN in a single category in 2015?

    • Camila Giorgi
    • Flavia Penneta


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