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Quiz About Horror Film!

Boo! Although horror may not be a genre that fits everyone, I’m quite sure we still had watched at least 1 or 2 horror genre in our lives!

There are many kind of horror and some include some humour in them, called the horror comedy, while others may include some fantasy or sci-fi.

But anyway, do you happen to know the history of the horror genre? Come take this quiz to find out!

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    Which film is credited as being the first ever horror film

    • La Caverne maudite
    • Le Manoir du Diable
    • L’auberge ensorcelée
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    Which year was the horror-comedy “The X-Ray Fiend” created?

    • 1897
    • 1898
    • 1899
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    Who starred as the hunchback Quasimodo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923)?

    • Victor Hugo
    • Benjamin Christensen’s Häxan
    • Lon Chaney
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    The first Asian country to set into the genre of horror is…?

    • Korea
    • Taiwan
    • Japan
    • Hong Kong
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    Which banned film featured people with real deformities?

    • Abnormal (1935)
    • The Unholy Three (1925)
    • Freaks (1932)
    • Different (1931)
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    The first horror figure featured in film is …

    • Vampires
    • Quasimodo
    • Werewolf
    • Frankenstein
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    The first talkie horror film was …

    • Roy Del Ruth’s The Terror
    • Fritz Lang’s M
    • Albert Lewin’s The Picture of Dorian Gray
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    According to Guinness World Records, the character most frequently portrayed in horror films has been…

    • Quasimodo
    • Dracula
    • Frankenstein


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Written by alibb

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