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Quiz about history 19th century

European and world history of the nineteenth century is marked by some events whose consequences are still visible today, and have influenced the events of the 20th century. Civic revolutions are the most celebrated 19th century European history, as the American Civil War marked the 19th century American history. What states and rulers have pointed out in the burning 19th century history, you will find out and check your knowledge in answer to the following questions.

  • Which state was not a member of the Holy Alliance?

    • Russia
    • United Kingdom
  • What was the most famous revolutionary movement that was initiated in Italy by the Naples uprising?

    • Liberals
    • Carbonics
  • n which two Balkan states did the uprising against Turkey take place?

    • Serbia and Greece
    • Montenegro and Macedonia
  • Against whose authorities were liberated wars in Latin America?

    • Spain
    • Portuguese
  • When did the spring of nations in Europe happen?

    • 1848./1849.
    • 1849/1850.
  • What state was Petar Petrović Njegoš operated by?

    • Montenegro
    • Macedonia
  • What state has not fought on the side of the Ottoman Empire in the Crimean War?

    • Russia
    • Kingdom of Italy
  • Who was the “fourth class” in the 19th century?

    • workers
    • soldiers

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