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Presidents’ Love Affairs That Will Make You Crazy

Presidents love too. They fell in love and get married. It happened the way it happened in normal love affairs.

Here are some presidents and their loves. Try the quiz. Bon voyage.

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    He is the French president elect. At 15 years old he fell head over heels by a lady 24 years his senior and teacher. The love affair went from Teacher/student relationship to dating and finally marriage. Who is the lady?

    • Elise Thiers
    • Brigitte Trogneux
    • Cecile Carnot
    • Elizabeth De Mac Mahon
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    Who was the man involved above?

    • Francois Hollande
    • Jacqui’s Chirac
    • Nicolas Sarkozy
    • Emmanuel Macron
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    He met her when she was 4 and he was 12 in 1779. Yet they were to meet again in 1795 and started a stormy love affair which led to courting and marriage. The lady was not welcome in the presidents family on the simple fact that she was French and was termed a ‘foreigner’. Who was the lady?

    • Anne Coleman
    • Grace Anna Goodhue
    • Bess Wallace
    • Lousa Catherine Johnson
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    Who was the American President in question 3 above?

    • George Washington
    • John Quincy Adams
    • Jimmy Carter
    • Thomas Jafferson
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    He is an American President. In 1758 he fell head over heels with a widowed wealthy lady who was 27 years by then. The man was 27 too. Who was the president?

    • George Washington
    • John Quincy Adams
    • Jimmy Carter
    • Thomas Jafferson
  • Question of

    Who was the lady in question 5 above?

    • Martha Dandridge
    • Abigail Filmore
    • Isa Saxton
    • Rossalyn Carter
  • Question of

    She is the first lady of Cameroon. She fell in love and got married to the Cameroon president when his first wife died. The wife died in 1992 and the two got married on 23rd April 1994. Who is the lady?

    • Sarah Biya
    • Germaine Ahidjo
    • Jeanne Irene Biya
    • Chantal Biya
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    Who is the president in number 7 above?

    • Paul Biya
    • Ahmadou Ahidjo
    • Simon Biya
    • Ahmadou Biya


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